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Prices are as follows:

Pony Swings (that come with wooden spreader bar and adjustable stirrups) are $79.95 + $24.95 shipping...making your total $114.90.

Dinosaur/T-Rex Swings are $99.95 + $24.95 shipping...making your total $124.90

Motorcycle Swings are $109.95  + $24.95 shipping...making your total $134.90

Longhorn Steer Swings are $89.95 + $24.95 shipping making your total $114.90.

Tire Bird Feeders are $20.00 + $7.00 shipping...making your total $27.00



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Hand-Made (NEVER mass produced)here in the Ozarks from NO-STEEL recycled tires.

 In the Pony Swing business you will find sellers that use steel-belted tires to make their swings. When you cut into a steel belted tire, there are hundreds of tiny, razor-sharp steel threads that poke out of the tires. Now, these people will tell you that they "coat" or "cover" the edges of the swings for safety. We've seen these type of swings, and they don't measure up to our safety specs. This is why we use ONLY nylon tires...meaning there are NO steel wires in our tires.

The tires that we use are pretty difficult to come by as steel-belted tires are what's mostly on the road today. But we feel this is a safety advantage that cannot be overlooked, and we're sure, that you the customer, parent, grandparent...etc. will agree.

Mane, Tail & Bandana, Wooden Spreader Bar, Rope and Adjustable stirrups are included.  The rope is UV treated outdoor rope, treated against rot and mildew with a break point of 2440 lbs.  Swings come fully assembled and ready to hang from a tree, swingset, covered porch, barn beam or basement...we can even tell ya how to hang one inside for those cold winter months!

Our Tire horse swings are safe, sturdy (fun for adults too!), environmentally friendly, guaranteed for AT LEAST 100,000 miles & you'll never have a blowout!!  Our swings will hold up to 300lbs.
These horses will never kick, buck or bite. They DO eat a little bit of grass once in awhile, but you'll NEVER catch em doin it!

We clean up these tires with an industrial de-greaser, and then we power-wash them. We then apply a clear coat so that black won't rub off on the children's hands or clothes. The biggest complaint on tire swings that we've heard are how dirty children get...but this won't happen with OUR swings.
Unless you've got the tools and a mind to do it, you CANNOT tear these horse swings up. Your KIDS kids will be riding our swings!!!

 Your purchase is simply an adoption fee. We want to make sure these horses go to the best of homes as we raised em from little bitty tires to the big strapping horse swings they are now.


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